Battleray invasion


Category: casual, lane defense.

Platform: android.

Description: The headquarters of the Machine Legion is under attack of a group of insane machines. You should coordinate the line of defense to prevent them of destroy the power shield of your base.

Background: After many human colonies started to seek the protection of Legion of Machines against the Zamorian Empire wars, the military leaders of the Orion Alliance created a computer virus to try take control of the machines army.

Some machines affected by the virus were disabled, but the most advanced models resisted and created a vaccine, preventing the spread of the virus. However some machines had their main behavior program corrupted and lost their will to avoid violence.

These machines now are launching a massive attack against all organic beings and the army under the lead of the Queen of machines. Now, the Legion of Machines need to confront their corrupted sisters to avoid a massacre over the colonies.

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Game guide



Tap in the floors to spawn defensive units and prevent the enemy units, the ones coming from the right site, from hitting your shiled base. When the shiled meter reaches zero, the game is over. You can select the color of spawned units, receiving an attack bonus against vulnerable units and if you wait the unit level meter charge for a few seconds a stronger unit will be spawned.

Unit Level


The Unit Level Meter will charge over time. There are three levels of power that will spawn a stronger unit for each filled crystal.

Unit Color


Change the unit color of the next unit spawned clicking in the correspondent color crystal. There are a attack bonus to the unit that fight with a vulnerable color enemy.

Shield Recharge


There are a shield charge button that will recover a small percentage of the base shield. It will be activated faster when enemy units are defeated.