Battleray invasion


Category: space shooter.

Platform: android.

Description: Battleray Starfighter is a vertical scrolling space shooter where the player must fight a hostile alien force called “Shadows”.


Background: In the 31st century the mankind did his first contact with a intelligent extraterrestrial life form. The Phantoms.

Afterward the Orion Alliance was founded marking the beginning of a great technological and economical advancement. The first stellar portal was created, allowing the travel faster than light between two solar systems. With this new creation new alien species were discovered. Under the lead of the Orion Alliance these societies coexisted in peace.

A new menace appeared without warning attacking the Alliance planets. The Shadows. This hostile force was capable of travel in the space using a unknown interstellar propulsion technology.

To fight these mysterious enemies the Alliance engineers developed three prototype starfighters. Now the most skilled pilots are the last hope to restore the peace in the galaxy.

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